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I know you probably found this article because you are most likely in a hurry and wondering what the best gifts for new parents are. I’ll tell you what the best gift is upfront, but you should read on to see why it is the best gift. At face value you may think I’m crazy. I promise that not only is this the perfect gift for new parents who have everything, but it doubles as a unique baby gift!

When someone you care about has experienced a death, it can be challenging to know what you can do or say to show your support for them. When you search the internet for ideas, you’ll undoubtedly see plenty of websites offering sympathy gifts, condolence gifts, or sentimental gifts that you can buy. The best gift that you can give to someone that is grieving is not something that money can buy. It is something that only you can share. The single most meaningful gift for a bereaved person is a shared story about the loved one that passed away.